About us

After over 10 successful years in web hosting we realized the potential of Zcash cloud mining and decided to start this business with the simple concept of putting our customers first in everything we do. We believe you will feel the difference from the first moment you engage with us.

We have often been asked why our customers should not simply buy their own hardware and start mining Zcash themselves. The answer is TCO, which stands for Total Cost of Ownership. Profitable Zcash mining requires constant processing. And that requires constant power and cooling. Do you have any idea how much that costs?

Our datacenter in Quebec, Canada, benefits from 2 major advantages that allow us to easily beat our competitors: one of the lowest electricity rates in the world (about 75% lower than in most countries) and around 7 months of winter (during which we do not need to spend on cooling). In fact, when we look at electricity we have another argument that speaks for us. Sustainability! The only two other places in the world that can compete with Canada on cheap electricity are China and India, where fossil fuels like coal are the main source of energy.

You will be pleased to hear that our electricity comes 100% from hydro power, and that stands for beautiful renewable energy. 100% clean and natural. You see, it is not only the low cost that matters, it is the responsible choice to protect our planet that makes mining with us feel so good.

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