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GPU Mining is a Zcash mining service provider with a strong customer focus. We have felt frustrated with legal texts in the past and have therefore decided to write this page in plain English. We hope the following paragraphs will allow us to establish a basis on which we can build a business that benefits everyone involved. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with us. Our customers are our most important asset and we will always put you first.

Our Offering
We offer you Zcash mining services. This basically means that we have computers that can calculate complex mathematical problems for the global Zcash network. Helping the network find solutions to these problems is being rewarded with the Zcash cryptocurrency. We operate these computers, also called mining farms, on your behalf for a fee that includes everything required to run these calculations. When you are buying a mining contract from us, we manage everything that is required for the duration of the contract at the hashrate, or computer power, that you purchased. This includes for example hardware, software, electricity, maintenance, and repairs. To avoid misunderstandings, all our equipment is and will remain ours. You purchase a service for which you will in return receive the cryptocurrency Zcash to a wallet of your choice.

Cancellation Policy
We offer mining contracts with various hashrates for 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year durations. During the first 7 days you can cancel anytime and you will receive a full refund from us, excluding any payment fees you might have been charged. After these 7 days, 6 months is the minimum mining commitment and this contract is not refundable. Should you sign up for a longer contract duration and anytime after 7 days decide mining is not for you, we will refund you the remaining mining contract apart from the mentioned minimum commitment of 6 months and any already completed mining period after. In such a case, these 6 months are charged at the 6-month rate and any further completed mining will be charged pro rata. For example, should you sign up for a 1-year contract and decide after 9 months that you want to cancel, we will refund you the contract value you paid minus 6 months at the 6-month rate and 3 months at the 1-year rate.

Quality of Service
We can assure you that we provide the best in every aspect of our services. What we cannot guarantee is the quality of the Zcash network, electricity and network stability, and any other event that might impact our ability to deliver. There might be outages and there might be unforeseen challenges during your contract period that are simply outside of our influence. Nevertheless, we will always do everything we can to make sure you receive what you paid for. You are our most important asset and we can absolutely not be successful without you. We promise you now, we will work our hardest to give you the best Zcash mining experience possible.

Digital Wallets and Payouts
We will happily hold the Zcash you are mining with us, though we are pretty sure you want to receive your mining rewards. For this to be possible you need to open a digital wallet. Think of it like a bank account without a bank over which you have full control. Once you have provided us with a Zcash wallet address, we will start transferring you your Zcash mining rewards after an initial 7-day safety period and subsequent wallet validation. These payouts take place once per day and start from as little as 0.0001 ZEC. Please take good care of your wallet as we cannot be held responsible if you have any issues with it.

Safety Period and Wallet Validation
Our main focus is to protect your interests, which is why we have the following two mechanisms in place. When you buy a contract with us, mining will start and your account will receive ZEC from the Zcash network. For the first 7 days we will hold these mining rewards and not process any payouts. This safety period protects your rights to cancel the contract , should you decide mining is not for you. Furthermore, our payment providers catch fraudulent activities usually within 2-3 days. As such, this 7-day period protects the rightful owner of payment instruments, which we feel is very important. After the 7-day period has passed, we issue a first payment of 0.0001 ZEC to your wallet on the 8th day. Of course, if you have not provided a wallet address by then, we will wait until you have. After this first payout we send an email asking for confirmation that the payout has arrived, giving you the opportunity to validate that the provided wallet address is correct. Once you have confirmed the wallet address, we will process daily payouts of any sum above 0.0001 ZEC. This process ensures that your mining rewards do not end up in the wrong hands. If everything goes smoothly, you will receive your first full payout 8 days after you purchased your mining contract, followed by daily payouts.

Bugs and Errors
No matter how much we test and test and test again, somehow these little bugs and errors do slip through every now and then. As much as we would like to say that everything will always work, we both know that this would not be very honest. Instead, we promise that we will always do our very best to fix as quickly as possible any aspect of our service that is not performing as expected.

Intellectual Property
We have really worked hard on our services. This website did not code itself and everything we offer is a fruit of hard work and dedication. We ask you to please respect our intellectual property and help us continue our business. Thank you.

Social Media
Speaking of intellectual property, those articles on Facebook and those tweets on Twitter have all been written by our team. We do encourage sharing and would feel honored if you would decide to write about us. All we ask for is that you respect the hard work that went into our posts and link back to us. We promise we will always do the same when we find interesting articles to share.

Privacy Policy
We really hate it when our personal details are passed on to third parties. Those phone calls and messages with offers we never asked for. We always find them both irrelevant to us and incredibly annoying. You can rest assured that we will never ever under any circumstance pass your details on to any third party. Your details are safe with us.

Governing Law
Any disputes with or claims against GPU Mining are governed by the laws of Canada.

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