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  • Realtime tracking of mining performance
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  • Efficient hardware and software we take care of
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  • Daily payouts from as little as 0.0001 Zcash

Cryptocurrencies introduced us to a brave new world of borderless capitalism. Very few believed Bitcoin would survive more than a few months, yet alone start a revolution that would evolve into a market close to 15 billion USD within less than a decade. We now know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is expected that the global cryptocurrency market will exceed a trillion dollars. And where there is growth, there are opportunities. For you.

Mining has become the most profitable way of growing cryptocurrency wealth and many have become millionaires through consistency and patience. Mining, the process of calculating the blockchain over and over again, requires a lot of processing power and would be impossible without a very large number of people paying for hardware that runs the calculations as part of a global network. And processing is expensive. Especially from an electricity point of view. This is where you come into play. You buy a mining contract and contribute the processing power to the global Zcash grid. And for this hard work you will get rewarded with Zcash coins. The more and the longer you mine, the more Zcash you receive.

Newcomers to this market sometimes say that their choice is to buy the hardware themselves and operate their own mining setup, often called a mining rig. This is an interesting thought, though most are unaware of the associated total cost of ownership, in short TCO. Electricity is the largest part of this cost over time, not counting in the effort to operate such a mining operation. We would like to demonstrate why the path of doing it yourself is not the smartest choice for Zcash mining.

Consider you buy yourself state-of-the-art Zcash mining equipment from UfoMiners ( This will set you back 4,900 USD for a machine capable of producing 2,200 H/s. When you look at our prices, you will see that 2,200 H/s will cost you 8,800 USD with a 2-year contract. You might now think that buying a machine is much cheaper, though once you look at the electricity costs, you will see that it is a very different story. This Zcash hardware we just mentioned uses 1,650 Watts. Running such a machine over 2 years in the United Kingdom will cost you 6,400 USD in electricity alone, resulting in hardware and software for 2 years of mining costing you 8,600 USD. In Singapore, the required electricity would cost you 7,200 USD, resulting on a total cost of 12,100 USD. And in Germany electricity would cost you over 9,200 USD, resulting in a total cost of 14,100 USD. And that is only for hardware and the electricity it needs to run. This does not account for the much-needed cooling, which also requires electricity. It also does not account for maintenance work, spare parts, and downtimes. If you think you can turn a computer on and leave it running for 2 years without it needing some loving care every now and then, you have not worked much with computers.

Suddenly running your own mining rig does no longer sound that wise a choice. Of course, there will be computer lovers who will still want to do it on their own, though we dare to say economics are not the reason behind their choices. The more the merrier is absolutely true in the mining world. Because we are running a large number of computers together, economics of scale start taking effect. And on top of that, our beautiful 100% natural, renewable electricity is amongst the cheapest in the world. Combine that with around 7 months of winter during which we do not need to cool much and our over 10 years of expertise in hosting and you will start to understand why we can offer you a mining solution that will help you build your cryptocurrency wealth in an affordable and consistent way that you will soon begin to love.

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